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Welcome Everyone!

Astronaut here, from the RockstarAstronauts (not our real names) We have been in the lifestyle since 2011 and married since 2001. Our name comes from the fact that his degree is in Aeronautical Engineering with a specialty in Advanced Propulsion, and she is just a Rockstar!

We are an above average and humble couple from Boston who enjoy some sexy debauchery in our lives. Over the years friends have told to start a podcast, but that requires way to much investment in time. So, being technically savvy we registered the domain of our screen name and let it sit for years (Like most registered domains at GoDaddy). But then after a trip to Hedo and much prompting from podcaster friends who needed content for their newsletters and episodes we decided we should dust off the domain and do something with it. This blog was born.

Now, we need content. First, I thought I would write our Origin Story. But that was just too trite for a initial lifestyle blog post. Then I thought I would write about our first full swap experience, because that was a night of errors, but I started and it didn’t feel right. Suffice it to say that we left that hotel laughing about the evening.

We will be adding information that we think is interesting, answering questions from friends, and just posting sex positive content. Stay tuned to this site and our Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates on new things to come, and we hope we do not disappoint.


Rockstar Astronauts

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